Rob Revis - Founder & CEO

With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades, Rob, as the founder of Ticketverse (formerly Ticketblaster), has been instrumental in the transformation of the company from a personal passion into a thriving and well-established recognised brand. Drawing upon his background in Commerce & Accounting, Rob brings a solid foundation of professional expertise to our team. Rob is the President of "The Ticket Brokers Association of Australia," further exemplifying his leadership and influence within the field. Fuelled by a profound ardor for sports and events, Rob possesses the essential knowledge and skills necessary to steer the company toward ever-increasing success. This genuine passion serves as a catalyst for Ticketverse's growth and prosperity.





Cam Burke - Head of International Sales

With two decades worth of experience in the entertainment industry, Cameron began his Ticketverse tenure after holding a senior position at Ticketmaster Australia.
His knowledge of international events has him jet-setting to our offices around the world and building partnerships and relationships with the aim of achieving the same success overseas that we have been able to achieve in Australia.








Gabriela Sobierajska - Sales & Partnerships Manager (Europe/Middle East)


With a passion for sports and sporting events Gabriela has a background as a professional Volleyballer and jack of all trades working for Tour De Poland.
This along with a formal background in Business Administration and PR, has enabled Gabriela to flourish in her senior role with Ticketverse Europe.
With her home base in our Madrid office, she has been pivotal in building up a loyal European and Middle East customer base and has secured some amazing European partnerships including our most recent signing Tottenham Hotspur FC .








Chantel Burrows - Head of Sales & Business Development

A results-driven sales and business development professional with over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Chantel is responsible for driving revenue growth through strategic partnerships and innovative sales strategies. Her expertise in building and maintaining strong relationships with clients has helped Ticketverse become a leader in the ticketing industry.








Nadav Baker - Sales & Partnerships


Having recently completed an MBA at the University of Melbourne, and previously working in a senior capacity at a sporting footwear and apparel company, Nadav has been able to bring his expertise to help expand Ticketverse's partnership programme into new sports and sporting clubs as well as networking groups.










Ryan Hanna - Sales Manager


Equipped with a fresh perspective and fueled by a passion for sports, Ryan holds an international business and economics degree from the University of Manchester. While new to the role, his strategic acumen and genuine enthusiasm for client connections set the stage for success. In his commitment to ensuring seamless and unique fan experiences, Ryan is dedicated to contributing significantly to Ticketverse's continued growth.









Jack Waldron - Sales and Business Development Associate


Jack, a passionate sports enthusiast and adept relationship builder, seamlessly balances his love for sports with his prowess in sales. With years of experience, he excels in bringing people together and fostering lasting connections. Whether he's immersed in the energy of the stadium or navigating the intricacies of sales negotiations, Jack's dedication to both sports and relationships shines through. He leverages his sales expertise to create mutually beneficial outcomes and is driven by his belief in the power of genuine connections. In Jack's world, success is not just about closing deals; it's about nurturing relationships that endure.









Stacey Riding-Hill - Corporate Sales & Admin Associate


Fuelled by a passion for the live music and sporting scene, Stacey stands out as an asset within the Ticketverse team. Her extensive passion is complemented by a robust background in Entertainment Management, making her a key player in enhancing our team dynamics. With a keen eye for detail and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the ticketing industry, Stacey is committed to crafting memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on every customer









Harrison Hymans - Partnerships Assistant


Armed with a heavy passion and love for sport, Harrison has found himself working in a sector where he has great knowledge and expertise in. 
Having attended AFL Football for the vast majority of his life as well as attending a plethora of major sporting events on a global scale, Harrison's experiences hold him in good stead to completely appreciate and comprehend the value and importance of ensuring an experience like no other to all customers, be it big or small.








Hannah Simpson - Administrative Assistant


Enthusiastic about delivering exceptional customer experiences in the live entertainment and events industry, Hannah approaches every situation with a growth mindset and agile approach. She prioritizes ensuring that every interaction enhances attendees' overall enjoyment and satisfaction, focusing on creating seamless experiences for both clients and patrons. Hannah's dedication to managing stakeholder relationships ensures that every aspect of the customer journey is optimized for maximum satisfaction and engagement.








Brent McIlroy - Data & Market Analyst


Spearheading website development, management, digital marketing, and analytics Brent is a valued member of our team. In addition, he closely monitors pricing strategies, conducts in-depth data analysis, and conducts comprehensive market research. His dynamic expertise combined with his fervent enthusiasm for sports - particularly AFL, NRL, and cricket - greatly augment the corporation's triumphs.









Josh Little - Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Celebrated for his proficiency in developing influential digital and creative marketing strategies with a global reach, Josh possesses an impressive wealth of expertise, spanning an impressive 15-year tenure in the marketing industry. Employing his comprehensive skillset, he emerges as an invaluable asset within our esteemed team.